Thrive7 News!

September 2023

 Taekwondo Belt Test:

*Saturday, September 30th: 
Time 9:00am= White Belts
Time 10:00am= Yellow and Orange Belts
Time 11:30am= Purple Belts
*No Kickboxing class
*Saturday, October 7th: 
Time 10:40am= Green Belts
Time 11:40am= Blue, Blue Advanced and Brown Belts
*Regular Kickboxing class

Agosto 2023

Thursday 17th no classes!

We will participate in the event ” Taste of Placentia” at Tri-City Park, Placentia. Family event!

We will be there with Thrive7 Juice Bar and Thrive7 Martial Arts from 5pm to 9pm.

For more information, check their website

Friday 18th Parents Night Out!

Fun evening for kids ages 6-12yrs old. Limited Spaces! Register today! Open to everyone! We will have normal Taekwondo classes at 4:00pm and 5:00pm that day.

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1876 N Placentia Ave,
Placentia CA 92870