Thrive7 name born this year 2023 but our Martial Arts school started in 2008 with Fearless Taekwondo and Martial Arts. Since then, we are a proudly Family-Owned Business. Our first location was in Anaheim for 3 years and in 2011 we moved to Kraemer Blvd in Placentia inside a warehouse sharing space with ADBA Dance Academy. The building was sold in 2022 for that reason we moved to a new facility. 

We started classes in Sierra Vista Shopping Center (our current location) on November 2022 and the Juice Bar was and addition we opened on February 2023. 

Our definition of Thrive7 “To grow, develop, succeed, it is to prosper to flourish, to be your best self. Seven days week!” With this in mind we started in this new facility with a new name, open to succeed.

Since the beginning in 2008 Master Seguel, a 4th Dan Black Belt, is the Chief Master Instructor. He is a former National Team Member with training and certifications in Taekwondo (4th Dan Degree Black Belt certified by the World Taekwondo Federation WT and Coach certified by USA Taekwondo Federation) and Kickboxing.

At Thrive7 Martial Arts; Master Seguel takes pride as a role model for all his students, passionately teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership, hard work and good values. Obtaining a great response from his students and parents as well. And because Master Seguel is a father of a 10yrs old boy; he knows how relevant is to keep kids active and help them through a martial arts class to be stronger mentally and physically. 

Master Seguel brings more than 20 years of teaching experience to provide the best Martial Arts Education available to all the families in our community.

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1876 N Placentia Ave,
Placentia CA 92870